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Custom Order 2021

Before shopping, please make sure to read the following instructions thoroughly.

Traveling Exhibition
"Doors Open"
*This exhibition was held at 3 galleries in Asia as below.​
I deeply appreciate all people who visited to see my works, and staffs who created the spaces.
dessin   Tokyo (2018)
POINT OF VIEW   Seoul (2019)
Haconiwa   Taichung (2019)

This exhibition shows hand-carved stamps, lino-cut print and mimeograph print by Hana Rakui.  

  • There'll be about 200 kinds of stamp designs, including unrevealed new designs. You can place an order at the gallery above.

  • One of the new stamp design is for a limited time & gallery only.

  • It's expected to takes 4 - 5 months after the period to ship out your order. But please note that it might take much time if the number of orders would be much more than our expectation.

  • Shipment date will be scheduled and informed you after the period. Sorry but I'm not able to adjust the shipment timing for your convenience.

  • Please note that the prices may vary from what are listed on this website, because import duty are applied to all items.

  • It's available to receive at the gallery instead of international shipping.

  • For those who placed an order with customization, I’ll create the draft and send customer by Email (basically in English), no later than two weeks before the shipment date. After your confirmation, I'll proceed to carve.

  • For more information about ordering stamps, please take a look at the Order Guide.

Linocut & mimeograph prints in the oak frames are available at the gallery. All prints are in oil. The frame is designed like a door with steps. The stunning oak is polished thoroughly and so aesthetics. It's also strong. They are made by Japanese furniture maker, adventurewood. Stamp's handle is made of oak as well.


Limited design

"Loitering around on the way home"

2019/7/6 sat. – 7/18 thu.


2:00pm – 6:30pm



7/6 sat.

7/7 sun.


403 台中市 西區美村路一段564巷27號