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Maple frame for large size of the printing sheet.

 This frame fits the following work;


  • A Starlit Night
  • Field
  • Chess

Maple Frame "Wavelet"

    • Made by Japanese furniture maker, "WALDEN"
    • Made of oil-finished oak, glass and a mat. 
    • External dimension: 429㎜ × 328㎜ × H 20㎜
    • Internal dimension (Paper Size): 280㎜ × 380㎜
    • Back face: Maple and brown tape
    • Gross weight:1.3kg
    • Will be delivered in a box
    • Natural wood sometimes includes a burl. It's not defective item so we cannot accept return and exchange. We hope you enjoy the natural wood as it is.
    • Please make sure to confirm the weight capacity of the hook before hanging.
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