How to Order
Rakui Hana's
Lino-cut Stamps

It's a long term production by only one engraver, so please do not order if any of the following policy isn't good for you.

See below for how to order!

1. Find the designs you like from the catalogue.

2. If needed, choose the options to custom your stamps.

We can produce your stamps as exact the same as on the catalogue but we can also add options from below and make your customized stamps as well. There are free options as well as paid options.

3. If you are not sure which one you would like, check out our Instagram.

There are pictures of past semi-customized orders. Each stamp has hashtag and you can see what other people had ordered before. We recommend you to use the “save to collection” on Instagram, you will be able to save it as well as make it easier to choose the designs from.


→ Posting latest updates and production status


→ You can see all the designs and find the hashtag for the designs you like

4. Once you choose the designs and options, put them in the shopping cart.

  • If you choose paid option such as adding letters, please make sure to have all the options in the shopping cart and write down how/what you would like to customize your stamp in the comment space.

5. I'll email you the estimate shipping date after the order session.

6. I'll email you the drafts of your customized stamp.

7. After your confirmation reply, I'll proceed to production.

  • If you ordered with any customization, I will send you the draft around two weeks before the shipping date.

  • If there is anything you would like to change or adjust, I will accommodate as possible as I can. And after your confirmation, I will finally produce the stamps.

  • If you didn't order any customization, it'll be proceeded to carve as it is.


Boy ⇄ Girl

It's possible to change a boy to a girl, as well as to change a girl to a boy.


There're two default outfits as looked in the pic. (Trousers with long-sleeved shirt / a one-piece dress). For free option, either of them are available.

If you'd like to customize the outfits more as your preference, please purchase "Outfits" paid option as below.



You can customize the hairstyle as ① – ⑥.


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It's possible to customize the outfit as you like.

Please note might be difficult to accommodate your request thoroughly when it's too small to carve.


Adding letters

Most popular customization

You can add your name, your favorite phrases and etc. We can add alphabets, Chinese characters, Korean and so on. For JPY 800, up to 10 characters are available. 


Ownership stamp / Large

For the bookworms

Width 40mm, rectangle frame with studs, ownership phrase, and your name are available to add. You can choose the phrase from three different ones.


Ownership stamp / Small

For the bookworms

Width 30mm, rectangle frame with studs, ownership phrase, and your name are available to add. You can choose the phrase from three different ones.


Add a Small Person / Small Living Things

Share it with your partner or family members

It's possible to add "small" person, or "small" living things such as cat, bird, dog and so on.

Please note that it would be difficult to accommodate the detail description because it's small to carve.


Thinking / Speaking Cloud

You can add a thinking cloud on the stamp designs. Either of speech cloud & thinking cloud is available. The size and shape of the thinking cloud will depend on the stamp designs. There are 40mmx30mm, 40mmx40mm, 50mmx30mm and 50mmx40mm. We produce the best shape with considering the size of the original design and handle size.


Paper Box

You can choose what stamp to seal on the top

If you purchase this box together with handmade stamp, we'll seal the stamp on the top (with the black ink).
If you purchase this box singly, please choose the design you like from the catalogue.


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Rakui Hana

Custom Order Session 2019

We accept orders for handmade stamps in

① 5/11–26 Exhibition at Seoul

⇨ Finished

② 5/25 – 5/26 Online

⇨ Finished

③ 7/6 – 18 Exhibition at Taiwan

⇨ Finished

Handmade stamps are not in stock. 

The prices is based on JPY


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