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Order Guide
Order Session 2020

12. Dec. Sat. JST12:00 – 13. Dec. Sun. JST 23:59

Order Guide 2020

International Shipping (Overview)

  • Basically we ship worldwide via EMS (Express Mail Service) by Japan Post.

  • In case some countries and areas are suspending EMS acceptance due to Covid-19 pandemic, we ship via YAMATO TRANSPORT courier. 

  • The availability list of mail service by Japan Post is currently updated twice every month. We will continue to update the section "Shipping" as we learn more, so please make sure to check it before shopping.

  • International shipments may be subject to customs duties which are levied by and paid to your local customs office. Please see section "Customs Duty Tax".

  • We comply with export compliance and regulations. We make the right export documents, and declare true value. Therefore, we do not adjust no matter what the value is. Adjustment of value can lead to fines and penalties. We appreciate your understanding of this compliance.

Domestic Shipping

  • We use Japan Post mail service.
  • Shipping fee is depending on weight. All shipping costs will be calculated at check-out.

  • Tracking service is available.

  • It usually takes 1-3 business days to get to the addressee after shipment.

  • It is not allowed to exclude consumption tax when we ship to domestic addresses.

Quantitative Restriction

There is a limit of two stamps per customer. It took longer as the order increased in the last session, and finally it took 7 months. To improve the time lag and operation, we decided to try this restriction. For the last online session, it was four stamps per customer on average, so we limit to two as half of it. We appreciate your continuous support and understanding for these changes. *This quantitative restriction is just for linocut - stamp. You can purchase the other items (on this page) without restriction. 


To be fair, we are not able to accept the order of cooperative purchase (the order which was combining multiple customers orders).


Process after Order

  • Since handmade stamps are not for mass production, we don't have in stock. We will start to produce your order after the session.

  • We will plan the whole shipment schedule after the session, and inform customers the "Expected shipment date". In principle, we can not arrange the shipment schedule as your convenience, but if something happened, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • It could take several months or more until your order to be shipped out.

  • For the order with customization, I’ll create the draft and send you by Email around two weeks before the expected shipment date. After confirmation of the draft, we will proceed to carve.

  • If your order has no customization, we will proceed as it is without sending you images.

  • We accept cancelation in two weeks after the order.


  • If you would like to have the items except for the handmade stamps shipped first, please checkout individually. If you purchase them all in the same checkout, all items will be shipped together. In that case, the shipping date is based on the production schedule of the handmade stamp you ordered.

  • We cannot accommodate the requests beyond the option we provide, including partial deletions of the original design. We also don’t create new designs outside of catalogs.

  • No illustration from outside allowed.

  • We would appreciate it if we could post your customized stamps on social media, but if you’re unwilling for that, please feel free to let me know.

  • The copyrights of all the stamps including customized stamps belongs to us. We may produce the same designs for other customers if they request the same customization as you did.

  • Using any of stamps for business purposes such as logos, packages of your commercial products or advertisement are not allowed at any time. Tracing or modifying our designs aren't allowed as well. If we found you using anything above, we might refuse your next order. 

  • There's no discount system.

New Specification


  • Wood Handles

To improve productivity, we have longed to have a partner to create the wood handles of the stamps. And finally we encountered a welfare facility, which is good at creating woodwork. The handles are made of Japanese oak, same as before.

  • Branding Iron

The former iron was based on the signature written around 2011. Now that my signature has changed for some years, I have created new branding iron. (The capital {R} in the signature is the shape of a bird.) I’ll continue to finish the branding iron by myself.

Price Revision & New Work

Since I carve stamps only by myself, it gets harder and harder to maintain the operation as the order increases. To provide more pieces of work, maintaining the sustainable operation, I suspend adding new designs for custom stamps. Instead of it, I’d like to plan other products. I deeply appreciate your continuous support and understandings for these decisions.

Order Flow

1. Find the designs you like from the catalogue.

2. If needed, choose the options to custom your stamps.

We provide some free options and paid options.

3. If you are not sure which one you would like, check out our Instagram.

There are various archive of customized stamps. Each design has hashtag and you can see what other people had ordered before. We recommend the “save to collection” function to compare your favorites!


→ Posting latest updates and production status


→ You can see all the designs and find the hashtag for the designs you like

4. Once you choose the designs and options, put them in the shopping cart.

  • If you choose paid option such as adding letters, please make sure to have all the options in the shopping cart and write down how/what you would like to customize your stamp in the comment space.

5. We will plan shipping schedule after the order session. 

6. We will inform the estimate shipping date.

7. We will email you the drafts of your customized stamp.

  • If your order has no customization, we will proceed as it is without sending you images.

8. After your confirmation reply, I'll proceed to production.


Boy ⇄ Girl

It's possible to change a boy to a girl, as well as to change a girl to a boy.


There're two default outfits as looked in the pic. (Trousers with long-sleeved shirt / a one-piece dress). For free option, either of them are available.

If you'd like to customize the outfits more as your preference, please purchase "Outfits" paid option as below.



You can customize the hairstyle as ① – ⑥.


Please reload



It's possible to customize the outfit as you like.

Please note might be difficult to accommodate your request thoroughly when it's too small to carve.


Adding letters

Most popular customization

You can add your name, your favorite phrases and etc. We can add alphabets, Chinese characters, Korean and so on. For JPY 800, up to 10 characters are available. 


Ownership stamp / Large

For the bookworms

Width 40mm, rectangle frame with studs, ownership phrase, and your name are available to add. You can choose the phrase from three different ones.


Ownership stamp / Small

For the bookworms

Width 30mm, rectangle frame with studs, ownership phrase, and your name are available to add. You can choose the phrase from three different ones.


Add a Small Person / Small Living Things

Share it with your partner or family members

It's possible to add "small" person, or "small" living things such as cat, bird, dog and so on.

Please note that it would be difficult to accommodate the detail description because it's small to carve.


Thinking / Speaking Cloud

You can add a thinking cloud on the stamp designs. Either of speech cloud & thinking cloud is available. The size and shape of the thinking cloud will depend on the stamp designs. There are 40mmx30mm, 40mmx40mm, 50mmx30mm and 50mmx40mm. We produce the best shape with considering the size of the original design and handle size.


Paper Box

You can choose what stamp to seal on the top

If you purchase this box together with handmade stamp, we'll seal the stamp on the top (with the black ink).
If you purchase this box singly, please choose the design you like from the catalogue.


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