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Curtain of Memories


Around my bangs, there is a residual image of what was in front of me, and I feel it moving in the breeze like a curtain. My consciousness is sitting on my nose and seeing what is reflected on the curtain, so I cannot focus on what I have to do.





"What does it mean to see in words, to see as a writer? It means to see with the eyes of memory, to see first what in front of you then later to see what is no longer there."


 This is a quote from "Writing Your Own Stories", written by Laird Hunt, one of the American novelists writing today. Our eyes always see what in front of us unconsciously, but inner room of the eyes, we are often seeing something different: the past or the things that is no longer there. Once I was conscious of this act of sight, I felt three kinds of illustrations I drew in my sketchbook came to front:  Film Projector, Curtain of Memories, and Teddy Bear

For these illustrations, it makes sense to recognize as a collection; by the name of "Memories". 

[Memories] Curtains of Memories

  • size:  W 60㎜・D30㎜・H30㎜
    materials:   MDF (recycled wood), Red rubber


    • Pre-order  June 26th 12:00 pm (JST)
    • Shipment  July 1st–
    • once they are sold out, I will prepare the next stock as soon as possible.
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