Hana Rakui

1985-  Tokyo-born Japanese

Stamp Artist & Illustrator

I was majoring in British & American Literature (including children's literature, English poetry and Shakespeare) at university in Tokyo. When I was a third-year student in 2007, I started making stamps as a hobby at the art room of university. Ever since the stamp of the boy with an opened backpack was made in those days, I've used it for my symbol. 

I received a GEKKOSO prize for 2011 at the GEKKOSO Moon Light Exhibition. One of the prize work was "Bird Alphabet" (you can see them on the catalogue), but they didn't have any handle by that time. Mr. Junichi Noguchi, a furniture maker who also took participate in the exhibition saw my works and kindly suggested me to apply wooden handles to my stamps. The style of my works, linoleum-cut stamp with Japanese oak, has been taken hold from that date up to the present.

Started to accept international orders in 2017.

Carving more than 600 stamps a year.

Also accept illustration offer.

History of Exhibition




  • Haconiwa  Taichung, TAIWAN


  • dessin  Tokyo, JPN

  • Sublo  Tokyo, JPN


  • iplikana  Tokyo, JPN


  • classiky  Okayama, JPN

  • Keibunsha Ichijoji  Kyoto, JPN

  • Sublo  Tokyo, JPN


  • Keibunsha Ichijoji  Kyoto, JPN

  • trim  Tokyo, JPN

  • switch box Ake Tate  Kanagawa, JPN

  • 6 Jigen  Tokyo, JPN


  • Umi no Ie  Tokyo, JPN

  • Sublo  Tokyo, JPN

  • 6 Jigen  Tokyo, JPN



  • Mizunosora  Tokyo, JPN


  • GEKKOSO  Tokyo, JPN


  • STONE  Tokyo, JPN

Materials of Hana Rakui's Stamp


All stamps are handmade. The blue & black art material on the surface is Linoleum for japanese print making. Copying illustrations onto the blue surface, and then I cut out a figure with a cutter.

For the stamp's handle, I attach Japanese oak, one of the most durable wood used for the furnitures as well. Mr. Noguchi cuts precisely right size wood, then I polish the block and put the branding iron one by one.

I post latest updates and production status on Instagram.

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How to Use & Tools


Shachihata Ink Pad

Oil-based Pigment Ink

Product Information

Dry quickly approximately 3 seconds for plain paper. / Shachihata's original ink realize vivid and beautiful impression of the seal. / Because of the extra-fine cloth of superior durability, you can get beautiful impression of the seal just with patting lightly upon the pad. / ​​Both rubber & resin stamp are available. / ​The ink pad won't dry even if the cover is kept to open. / ​The impression of the seal is water-proof & light-proof. / ​​Using the recycling material for environment in the plastic body. / ​​To refill ink, make sure to use its own refill. The product number of refill are SGN-40 or SGN-250.


Unsuitable for art paper & coated paper / ​The drying time depends on the paper. Some paper might be slow to dry and the impression of the seal might be blurred. / ​Using on carbonless duplicating paper and thermal paper might cause discolor of the ink.

Tsukineko Classique Ink Pad

Oil-based Pigment Ink

Product Information

Dry quickly approximately 5 seconds for plain paper. / Vivid and beautiful impression of the seal (water-proof & light proof). / ​Uses for fabric is available (non-washable).


Unsuitable for non-absorbent material such as art paper & coated paper. / ​The drying time depends on the paper. Some paper might be slow to dry and the impression of the seal might be blurred.

Tsukineko artnic / Color Kiss / Water Color

Water-based Pigment Ink


For Water-based Pigment Ink / Oil-based Pigment Ink / Water-based Dye Ink

Tsukineko StazOn Cleaner

For Quick Drying Oil-based Ink

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Rakui Hana

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12. Dec. – 13. Dec.

Handmade stamps are not in stock. 

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