If you purchase this box together with handmade stamp, we'll put the stamp on the cover (with the black ink).


Cover Size: 7㎝ × 7㎝

Inside Dimention: 6.5㎝ × 6.5㎝

Height: 4㎝

Paper Box

    • The large stamps such as follows might stick out of the white zone a little bit.

         4㎝ × 4㎝ / 3㎝ × 5㎝ / 4㎝ × 5㎝ 


    • If you choose the Ownership stamp (an option for the bookworms) for the top, we seal it concealing the rectangle frame and the studs.
    • Since the top cover is put with a white leaf, the white area is non-absorbent. If you seal by yourself, we recommend to use a quick-drying oil-based ink such as the StazOn series by TSUKINEKO.
  • Material: Gray Cardboad

    Print: Putting White Leaf & Black Letterpress